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Roku streaming gadgets are on their mission to invite you to the world of entertainment and to explore the top channels. Hence let us provide you a few updates here. If you are new to this streaming media platform, reach out to our support for assistance

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We are committed to offer quality and timely support to Roku customers and never fail to ensure customer satisfaction. If you own a Roku streaming gadget or TV, reach us for device activation, setup and troubleshooting assistance

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Reach out to our team of support to get help for your Roku products. All your queries and concerns will be resolved at the earliest
Certified experts to guide and assist you round the clock

How to reach us?

Make a note of our support number. Dial the support number and wait for our agents to respond to your call
Besides you can also opt for a chat or email service options available

What Are The Services That We Offer?

How to activate and set up your Roku device
Do not know how to set up or activate your device? Suggest you to execute the activation steps one by one and our support executives can help you. It’s easy, connect the essential hardware, activate the Network to proceed further

How to create a Roku account?

If you do not have a Roku account, it’s hard to activate the device. For Roku customers who reach us, it’s our suggestion to visit the account creation page and type the required data in the required space

Activate the good speed and active Network

As you power on your device, a Roku Logo will appear and as you proceed, you can view the Internet connection settings. Get the guidance from our techies who can help you to establish an active and secure Internet connection any time

How to Add or Remove channels on Roku?

Begin your search to find the most entertaining channels visiting the Roku Channel Store. New channel collections are available and it’s time to add your favorites

Select your favorite channel from the Roku Channel store. Start streaming the most entertaining channels on Roku and here we introduce few of them

  • Netflix
  • HBO Go Now
  • Film rise
  • Hulu
  • ESPN
  • PBS Kids
  • Sony Crackle
  • Fox sports
  • PBS
  • Amazon Video
  • ShowTime
  • The Roku channels

Note that to activate Pay channels, you need to pay the subscription or activation charges. If you do not know how to proceed with the billing, payment or transaction, discuss your concerns with our executives

  • Guidance to connect the hardware requisites

Insert the Power, Ethernet, HDMI and USB cable to the appropriate port and Premium HDMI cable is always recommended. It’s always our suggestion to check out the product reviews before you purchase the accessories

  • Resolve or get rid of channel activation errors and setup issues

What are the ways to fix Payment or transaction issues?

  • We will verify your account, billing, credit card and other data
  • Also, validate your purchase or transactions
  • You can cancel the subscriptions, if not required
  • We also maintain the essential customer records for reference
  • You can also set the Roku account Pin and this will help to resolve unauthorized channel purchase or transactions
  • Chargeback or service cancellation policies are followed

Do you end up receiving Roku error codes or error messages on your device display screen?

Roku customers often get stuck with error codes or error messages that pop on the device display screen. Recommend you to identify the reason and cause of the error to begin the troubleshooting
For each set of error codes, the troubleshooting steps differ. Speak to our support experts to get the assistance to resolve these errors
To avoid Roku activation and setup errors, verify and validate the activation steps, check the validity of Roku account, the code that you use, the speed of the network and much more

How to link the device using the page ?

It’s not a big deal and you can visit the URL and type the channel activation code

Would you like to purchase Roku streaming device?

Let us suggest you the top and best models to buy. Considering the most popular models, here are our suggestions
Try and it’s interesting to explore the latest features and specifications of these models

  • Roku Ultra
  • Roku Express
  • Roku Premiere
  • Roku Premiere plus
  • Roku streaming stick
  • Top Roku TV models- TCL 8 and 6 series
  • Roku TV wireless speakers
  • Roku smart sound bar

Do you get stuck with Roku activation issues?

Here are the easy tips recommended by our support

  • Check the Roku activation URL that you use. Verify the Roku activation code. If the code that you use is not working, click on the start button of your Remote and carry on with the settings to get a new code
  • Always suggest you to use a network that can offer you maximum speed. Use the available reset options( Factory, Soft or hard reset ). Opt for a different Roku device model and it’s good to check out the reviews for more updates
  • Do not use wrong credentials for Roku account Login. Read, understand and get a clear idea of the device activation steps before you proceed. If it’s a channel activation issue, deactivate the channel and proceed to activate the channel once again. Do you have any trouble logging in? Check the login credentials that you use

Activate your favorite Roku gadget to spend your free time streaming
For more updates check out the recent articles and blogs posted on our webpage. If you require any assistance reach out to our support at the earliest


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