Privacy Policies

Privacy policies are important regulations followed and explain the data collection methods. Before visiting our webpage or access our service, adhere to these regulations

Read and understand the regulations and you can access our service . These policies always remain as an integral and important section of terms and conditions

Documents or data collected

  • Personal data that include the Name, Email ID and  Password
  • Official data that include the Credit card, Payment or  Billing Information
  • Error reports- Refer the documents to find the reason and cause of error
  • Device manuals- Will have the device setup instructions, features and specifications
  • Location information- Location information is required and will be collected
  • Data collection methods- We gather the required documents from customers  using the phone or email methods

Cookies – Enable cookies to track website traffic or download the required documents from our webpage


The information collected from customers are maintained confidential and we never encourage sharing the data with Third-party authorities. The data or information shared to Third-party or Judicial authorities will be with the prior consent of customers. Copy right regulations are followed to prevent the misuse or misinterpretation

Reservation of Rights

Our website authorities have the authority to make changes to the articles posted. Any changes, if made, will be updated on our webpage. Note- Customers have the rights to report the events of misuse the website authorities. To know more about the Privacy policies, Terms and conditions and the regulations followed, check out the articles available on our webpage

Contact our customer support team for more updates on the rules and regulations followed