Roku Error Code 014.12

Roku works with HDTVs with a resolution of up to 1080p, 4K UHD TVs with a resolution of up to 2160p, and 4K UHD HDR TVs that support HRD10. There are no monthly fees for using a Roku system or watching free channels. Only a few subscription channels require payment.

A secure network requires for uninterrupted downloading of series and movies on Roku. Roku is the easiest way to stream video content to your television. You can watch over 500000 movies and TV shows for free or paid video content.

While streaming your favourite movies on Roku device, and the Roku error code 014.12 pop-ups. No worries, it’s a common error due to the connectivity issue. The Roku device is unable to establish a connection with your network.

The blog gives you a clear picture of the reason for the Roku error code 014.12 and the troubleshooting steps to fix it.

Roku Error Code 014.12

Roku Error Code 014.12

What Are The Causes Of Roku Error Code 014.12?

  • When Roku unable to receive the signal from the WiFi router.
  • Ethernet cable maybe not perfectly seated in the port.
  • The router may not work correctly.
  • There is no active network signal frequency.

Wireless Network Vs Ethernet Network

  • Wireless connection to your router is available on all Roku streaming devices. Some Roku streaming devices have an Ethernet port that connects through a cable.
  • Ethernet can provide a quicker and more secure connection if connecting the cable from your router to the Roku system is convenient. Attach a regular Ethernet cable from one of your router’s available ports to the port on the back of your Roku device.
  • Wireless communication can also produce outstanding results if you are close enough to your router to get a good signal.

Fortunately, reconnecting your Roku is typically a straightforward method. If a Roku can’t connect to the internet, the issue is usually with the router, other devices in your house, or the link settings, rather than with the Roku itself.

Troubleshooting Steps To Resolve The Roku Error Code 014.12

Restart Your Roku Device And Your Router

  • Please disconnect the power cord and wait a few seconds before plugging it back in.
  • To restart your Roku device, go to Settings and select the System option. Then, tap the System restart option.
  • To restart your Roku TV, go to Settings, choose the System option, and then click the Power option. And select the System restart option.
  • You can also disconnect the Roku system from the power source for a few moments before reconnecting it.

Connectivity Checks

Note: Check physical hardware for Roku compatibility issues and make sure all cables are correctly wired before ensuring it is connected to the correct network.

  • Check to see if you’ve used the proper SSID and password to connect to your wireless network.
  • Make sure that the wireless router is switched on and if the network is secure.
  • Check the strength of your wireless signal and, if it’s weak, try to extend the network range.
  • Follow the Roku Error Code 014.12 instructions to verify the strength of your wireless network.
  • Go to the Settings options on your Roku device and choose it.
  • Select the Network option to check if your devices are connected to the network.
  • Click the about option or the check connection option to view the strength.

Try To Connect With A New Network

  • Pick the Set up new wireless connection option if your Roku device is not connected to a wireless network.
  • If your network name (SSID) isn’t identified, try setting up a new wireless connection and seeing if the network name appears.
  • Check the network signal strength after you’ve set up a new wireless link.
  • The wireless signal continues to be weak. Replace your wireless router with a new one.
  • If your Roku device has an Ethernet port, connect the Roku device and Roku Error Code 014.12 to your router using an Ethernet cable.

Try To Replace The Roku Device

  • If the issue persists, replace your old Roku device with a new one.
  • The Roku produces different models such as Roku Express, Express Plus, Roku Ultra, Roku Premiere, Premiere plus and Roku Streaming Stick.

If you require any support to fix Roku Error Code 014.12, please reach out to our Roku customer support. By ringing the toll-free number +1-805-539-0300 or visit, we will connect your call to our experts right away.