Roku Error Code 018

Here is the article to learn how to troubleshoot Roku Error Code 018 on your device screen

Troubleshoot Roku Error Code 018 using the appropriate troubleshooting guide. If you do not fix the error, it’s hard to experience uninterrupted streaming. Hence spend your quality time reading the guidelines below

It’s time to resolve the error code and stream your Roku device without any interruption

Roku Error Code 018

Roku Error Code 018

Would You Like To Know What Causes Roku Error Code 018 To Appear On Your Device Display Screen? Here We Explain The Common Reasons

  • The error code 018 that appears on your device screen denotes poor network connection. The error messages will pop up on your device screen indicating the need for troubleshooting
  • Router signal Interference
  • Faulty Router used
  • Device software issue
  • Providing wrong wireless network credentials to establish the network connection
  • Device Hardware error
  • Using a single Router to connect multiple Roku streaming devices or Roku TV

Troubleshooting Guide To Resolve Roku Error Code 018

The steps below can help to fix Roku Error Code 018 that popup on your device screen. Read the guidelines clearly before execution

  • Check the speed of your Network and try improving the wireless signal strength. We recommend using wireless range extenders
  • Place your Roku streaming device close to the Router. Also, use good quality cables to connect your device to the Router
  • It’s always good to perform a quick device restart. Use the Soft, hard, and factory reset settings available on Roku. You can also navigate to the Settings > System > System Restart
  • Also, reset your Router. Refer the Router setup manual to understand Router reset settings
  • If the existing network connection is slow, switch to a connection that can offer good speed. Wired, wireless methods are compatible to use with your Roku streaming device
  • Contact your Internet service provider and make sure that connectivity issues do not persist on your device
  • Verify the wireless network settings. Using your Roku remote, choose the Settings > Network to establish the connection

Other Guidelines

  • It’s equally important to update your Roku device software with the latest and new version
    1. Go for a device replacement if Roku Error Code 018 persists even after troubleshooting. Roku Express, Express Plus, Ultra, Premiere, and Premiere plus are the best models
    2. To purchase Roku TV, we recommend the top brands such as TCL 5, 6, 4, 8, and 3. TCL model stands ahead in the market today to offer the best features on demand
  • Disconnect your device from the network and connect back after a while and check if Roku Error Code 018 resolve
  • You can perform Internet speed test to calculate the Network speed, Router performance
  • Ensure to provide valid Network credentials while establishing the network connection
  • Make sure that hardware issues do not persist on your device. If the Router used is faulty, you can replace it with a new one
  • It’s good to avoid connecting multiple Roku devices to the same router
  • Update or upgrade Roku device software to the latest version. Access the Settings > System > System update. Ensure that external software or malware threat do not affect your device

Activate Your Roku Device If You Are A New User

If you are using a new Roku device, collect the Roku activation code and finally enter the code by visiting the activation page, Check the device reviews to know the features and specifications of the device

Do You Require Any Help To Activate Roku And Fix Roku Error Code 018 That Popup On Your Device Display Screen?

To get help and support to fix Roku Error Code 018, contact our customer support right away. To find the toll free number +1-805-539-0300, navigate to our website portal and then read the information provided.

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