Troubleshoot Xfinity Stream Roku Not Working Error

Activate Xfinity streaming service to watch the top-rated Movies, Shows, and much more. The popular streaming service is in more demand among Entertainment Lovers. It’s easy to activate Xfinity on Roku by using the portal,

Also, it’s hard to avoid Xfinity activation and streaming issues. If you come across any follow the appropriate troubleshooting to fix it. Here we suggest the common tips and tricks available

Fix Xfinity Stream Roku Not working error to stream Xfinity without any interruption

Xfinity Stream Roku Not Working

Xfinity Stream Roku Not Working

Troubleshooting Guide To Fix Xfinity Stream Roku Not Working Error

Spend your quality time reading the troubleshooting tips below

  • At first, you need to figure out what causes Xfinity Stream Roku Not Working Then choose the appropriate troubleshooting guide
  • Before activating the service, check the portal,, and the code used for activation. Choose the appropriate settings and request a new code if the existing code is not working
  • Choose a compatible device to stream the Xfinity service.
    1. We suggest the top device platforms such as Roku Express, Express Plus, Roku Ultra, Premiere, and Premiere plus
    2. You can also stream Xfinity using other device platforms such as Amazon Fire TV, LG Smart TV, Android devices, and much more
  • Check if performing Roku device restart can fix Xfinity Stream Roku Not Working
    1. Access the Settings > System and System Restart on Roku
    2. To reset your Roku device, we suggest using the Soft, hard, and Factory reset settings available

Xfinity Stream App Not Working

  • Uninstall the Xfinity app and install it again
  • Also, sign out and sign in again
  • Ensure to choose the appropriate app settings available. If not you may get stuck with error codes
  • Check if the network connection is active before accessing the Xfinity Stream app
  • Ensure that your device is not affected by software or malware threat
  • Delete the network cache and browsing history before loading the Xfinity Stream app
  • If the Roku device software version is outdated, upgrade to the new version before streaming

Improve Network Speed

  • Connect your device to a high-speed network before activating the Xfinity streaming service. It suggested finding the appropriate network settings
  • If the network speed is slow, disconnect the device from the network and connect back again. Also, try restarting your Router once. Refer the Router manual to understand the reset settings
  • Do not use a faulty Router to connect your device. You can purchase a new router compatible to use with your device
  • You can go to the Settings > Network on Roku to establish a new connection

Other Guidelines

  • Ensure to use valid credentials for Xfinity account sign-in. If the existing account is not working, create a new account by visiting the appropriate account creation page
  • It’s equally important to learn how to execute steps before execution
  • Troubleshooting to fix Xfinity Stream Roku Not Working error is now complete

Are you ready to activate the Xfinity service using the portal, Let us provide a few updates here

To activate the Xfinity service, you can choose a compatible Roku device. Then access the device app store to install the Xfinity app. Launch the app and log in with the appropriate credentials Collect the Xfinity activation code. Finally provide the code by visiting the page, to complete the activation

To start streaming, we suggest the top channels from the Xfinity channel lineup such as ABC, CBS, CNBC, Discovery Channel, The CW, FETV, History Channel, PBS Kids, Telemundo, Fox, Travel Channel, TBN, and much more

What If Xfinity Stream Roku Not Working Error Persists Even After Troubleshooting?

If Xfinity Stream Roku Not Working errors remain, we have a team of experts who can guide you round the clock to fix the Xfinity Stream Roku Not Working error

To contact our customer support, visit our portal and make a note of the toll-free number +1-805-539-0300 or visit